Give it up for this amazing band! Singer David Cook says this at every show and now there is a place to do just that. This is your one-stop for all things Andy Skib, Joey Clement, Kyle Peek, Monty Anderson, and Neal Tiemann
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 Getting to know eachother

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PostSubject: Getting to know eachother   Tue 29 Dec 2009, 11:38

So i see people who recognize people from other places and stuff and most people are on other sites so if anyone wants to put there usernames or anything here about themselves so that their friends from other sites know they are here or what made you fall for DC&TA, feel free.

Kind of sounds lame, like the first day of school, but i feel like since it's a community we should have a place like this.

we'll write about ourselves too, (probably tomorrow) just don't have the time right this minute.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother   Tue 29 Dec 2009, 19:38

Let me be the first one:

My name is Christiana - but friends call me Chris - I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I fell in love for David since the AI Audition at Omaha, and since then I have been folowing him - and now The Anthemic too - for all the ways available.

I take part at some DC forums - like WNH, DCO, Cougars Love Cook, The Dash - but I spend almost all the time at the Home of Word Nerds (I'm Piper there too) from where I know Vikki (huntwork).

Last August I fulfilled my greatest dream - I went to my first (and still the only one) DC&TA show at Sacramento, CA.
As I told everywhere it was "The Time of my life".
There, I was lucky to met and take pics with almost all The Anthemic guys (only missed Monty and David Sad ) - and it was amazing !!

I forgot to put my info:

piper - here and at WN's
pipercookie - at DCO and Twitter
Chris Goes - at facebook
CookCougarBR - at Cougars Love Cook

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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother   Wed 30 Dec 2009, 11:24

ok ur two admins

lissied on twitter
bandchick on wordnerds
davidsgotmecooked on DCo

cookiesgirl86 on twitter

known each other since high school, went through college together and are now unemployed journalists lol
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother   Thu 31 Dec 2009, 04:08

I'm "coolshades" on every board that I'm a member of. Besides this one, I'm also at DCO, The Proverbial Box, and another private board. And I'm cool_shades on twitter.

I live in Tucson, Arizona (and I hate it don't expect me to say anything good about it. lol), I'm 27, and I'm an unemployed lawyer.

What made me fall for David and The Anthemic? Well I fell for David before The Anthemic ever existed, because I became a fan during Top 12 week of American Idol. David had always made it pretty clear, imo, that he wanted to be the front man of a band. So after Idol I expected him to put a band together, and I committed myself to loving and following his entire band once it was formed. Little did I know at the time that I'd end up falling harder for one of David's bandmates than I fell for David. Ha!

So yeah...David formed the band and I was thrilled. Saw the first band picture (the one out on the football field), fell for Andy, and my heart and soul have been locked in HIS basement ever since. But I love and support all the other members of The Anthemic as well. They're an incredibly talented bunch of guys, and I hope they stay together forever.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother   Sat 02 Jan 2010, 16:00

Hey Piper, I love your Happy 2010 pic! Great job Smile

I am pattieann on DCO and here, and ph246 on Twitter because pattieann was already taken. I am also pattieann on The Dash, Word Nerd Home, The Proverbial Box, and Cougars Love Cook, but I hardly ever post on those boards. I spend way too much time on the computer as it is!

I live in Washington State and have five kids ranging in age from 18 to 32. My kids like David's music and To Have Heroes, but they aren't "obsessed" like their mother is. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but has subsided from being jealous to just teasing me. Oh, I'm 52, but age is just a number, right?

Two of my boys sing, and one even tried out for AI6, so we've always watched AI as a family. David pretty much had me by Top 24, and when he sang Eleanor Rigby for Top 12 the deal was sealed. I started googling him and finding more info. Eventually I found my way to and starting posting there regularly until DCO was born. I started learning about Neal and Andy on The Dash and gradually became interested in their music. Now I listen to THH and MWK just as much as I listen to David's music. Axium is in heavy rotation on my music list, as well. I had the good fortune to be able to attend 3 DC & TA concerts: Yakima, Seattle and Salem. In Yakima, I got Neal to sign my CD insert and was extremely impressed with how sweet and accommodating he is with the fans. I was also fortunate to be seated right in front of him during the concert and was amazed at his performance. It's a whole different feeling from watching them on YouTube! After the show in Seattle I got a picture with Andy and he signed my CD insert. David also signed my CD and CD insert. The show at the Oregon State Fair was the best, even though none of them came out afterward.

I also hope these amazingly talented guys stay together forever. More music please!
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PostSubject: Re: Getting to know eachother   

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Getting to know eachother
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