Give it up for this amazing band! Singer David Cook says this at every show and now there is a place to do just that. This is your one-stop for all things Andy Skib, Joey Clement, Kyle Peek, Monty Anderson, and Neal Tiemann
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 Green River Ordinance

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PostSubject: Green River Ordinance   Sun 10 Jan 2010, 06:50

Hey guys, I thought it would be cool to start a topic for these guys since they toured with The Anthemic and I know a bunch of you have since then become serious GRO fans.

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys four times on tour and met them at three of those shows. They seriously are the most genuine and sweetest guys I've ever met! They're dedicated and appreciative of their fans and have on many occasions given shout-outs to DC&TA fans for our support since they joined the Declaration Tour. But, on top of that, they make incredible music. I bought their album after the second show and had that baby on repeat for weeks!! The band is made up of the Ice brothers: Jamey (lead guitar) and Geoff (base), Josh Jenkins (lead singer), Joshua Wilkerson (guitar) and Denton Hunker (drums).

If you haven't checked them out yet, go to their official MySpace and give them a listen:
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PostSubject: Re: Green River Ordinance   Tue 12 Jan 2010, 11:29

I bought their album on iTunes and love it! I heard "Come On" on our local radio station the other day and was thrilled that they played it. Please remember to vote for GRO on VH1's Top 20 Countdown:
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PostSubject: Re: Green River Ordinance   Wed 13 Jan 2010, 11:27

Eryn, I agree 110%. These guys are so genuine and they really know how to put on a great show. Their CD is wonderful. I am so excited that the local radio station is giving 'Come On' a lot of air time. The DJ even mentioned how the band was on the Rockboat this week. Very cool. I would definitely go to another concert with them. Sweet guys and great musicians.
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PostSubject: Re: Green River Ordinance   

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Green River Ordinance
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