Give it up for this amazing band! Singer David Cook says this at every show and now there is a place to do just that. This is your one-stop for all things Andy Skib, Joey Clement, Kyle Peek, Monty Anderson, and Neal Tiemann
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 Misc. about Neal

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PostSubject: Misc. about Neal   Fri 12 Mar 2010, 15:03

1. Someone tweeted today: AL told British press that "You don't do rock n roll as a ginger" Has anyone notified NFT?

- LOL!

2. Love this vid of My Last Request from Lupos in Providence. It has great closeups of Neal and his hands on the guitar during his solos.
Neal: 3:06-3:28 and 4:03-4:24

3. Rockline interview with James Hart of Burn Halo:
In clip 3, James talks about going up to Neal Tiemann's house to write new music. It is at about 12:39.
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Misc. about Neal
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